Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Agilent's November Spin-Off To Create Upside For Investors

I have posted an article on Seeking Alpha which goes into details about how to profit from going long Agilent (A). It’s for medium to long term investors.

If anyone reading do invest in special situations, this might make a good read. Either you can click here or go to Seeking Alpha and check out "Kedar special situations" Its under long ideas. 

If you are unable to access it tonight (since the article was exclusively published early morning for Seeking Alpha – Rich subscriber base), you should be able to access it tomorrow after 11am.

Thank you


  1. Hi,

    I have tracked your special situations blog. What is your take on these 2 special situations ? Would be interested in hearing your thoughts


    1. Thanks a lot. I took a look at them. They look fine. I usually try not to comment unless I have really looked at the stocks in depth. I gotta admit, your Taro idea looks pretty good.

  2. I can't access this article. I guess SA Pro articles become exclusive to subscribers after a certain amount of time

  3. In case anyone was still searching for this article, you can enter the SeekingAlpha URL on to open a cached version that has all the content.

    Great read btw. Thank you for sharing.