Sunday, September 30, 2012

Special Situation Thematic Ideas for week of 30-September-2012

These names are obviously not analyzed but i have come across them which might be a good way to play these themes. Might be worthwhile for readers to look into -

Playing Smart Grids: With what happened recently in India, and given the demand for energy in China, I believe there will be a huge demand for grid technology in the coming years. How to best play this sector? Well there are few names to look at:

Well, ABB is an obvious choice. Another firm that’s operation in this sector is Siemens AG. However come of the non-obvious names to look at are Echelon (ELON); Itron (ITRI) and EnerNOC (ENOC).

Playing Cyber Security: I guess everyone knows that there is a huge demand for cyber security with everything moving online. The recent news of Chinese intelligence hacking in major US Corporation, substantial increase in cyber security crimes on the corporate side, terrorists trying to hack into military networks, this is another area that’s poised to undergo substantial investment overt he next few years. What are some of the names to look into?

Well, obvious culprits are: Lockheed Martin (LMT) which has been making substantial investing in cyber security; Northrop Grumman (NOC), a cyber security and UAV play. But some less obvious names are NCI (NCIT), a play on traffic and data analysis for intelligence community; SourceFire (FIRE), a real time network defense solutions provider also speculated to be a take over target and Keyw Holdings Corp (KEYW), a leading cyber security consultant to the defense and intelligence and national security agency.

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