Sunday, July 1, 2012

Ideas I posted in early June, in case you missed

These names are obviously not analyzed but i have come across them with some decent catalysts. Might be worthwhile for readers to look into --

ARE - Potential Long - Investors worried about investment pipeline and efforts to delever balance sheet. Now they are investment grade. Its pipeline is very large, USD 1.1bn, 17% of gross asset value. Most of pipeline is in premier life science hubs, SF, Boston, ect. The development projects open late this year

MANH - Potential Long - Develop supply chain software for manufacturers, distributors, retailers & transportation. I just love the business they are in. Haven't looked at fundamentals.

QCOR - Potential Short - Stock had a 100% run in last 2 yrs, acthar - drug on which QCOR depends came off patent; dependency on single manufacturer, expansion of rebates under medicaid will adversly affect these guys - therefore the upholding of healthcare law is not good? Regulation about how insurers reimburse for Acthar will negatively impact QCOR (pg 16 10K), Negative impact from macro- moving payer mix more under medicaid and govt. programs will (-)vly affect the firm; anti takeover provisions in place

GIL - Potential Long - Went from 10% to 65% of Wholesale screenprint market which will grow to 70%. shareprice fell as cotton prices increased - the company seems to have absorbed some of it. Recently increased the capacity by 40% EPS expected to increase. They " might enter" and sell to Nike and Disney. mgt. owns $250m stock

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